Customer Testimonials

I wanted to let you know that I always liked the service that MailGuard provides, but I never appreciated MailGuard so much as during the U.S. Presidential elections.

Somehow both the Republicans and the Democrats got ahold of me, and I was continually inundated with a growing tsunami of plaintive pleas for money and urgent warnings of catastrophe by both sides. They would change their names and addresses to try and fool MailGuard, but eventually all were stopped in their tracks. I'm sure glad that's all over with. I'm looking forward to MailGuard's help with the upcoming Australian elections.

When I check my records I'm amazed at the mountain of junk that comes my way from which, thankfully, MailGuard saves me. Thanks Make-Tracks!

Michael Gompert —

Since signing up for the MailGuard spam filtering I have noticed a dramatic reduction in the amount of unwanted emails. The real benefit though is the time freed up for staff since they don't have to deal with constant flow of spam. The savings in time has more than paid for cost of MailGuard. Thanks for recommending a great service.

Peter Johnston — Director —
Australian Businesswomen's Network
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MailGuard Spam and Virus Filtering

Keep Viruses, Spam and Unwanted Content Outside your Network

MailGuard provides your primary layer of business email security...

By proactively stopping viruses and SPAM entering your network.

Our multi layered protection systems are located within the Internet and are automatically updated to stay abreast of emerging threats. We provide the highest level of functionality and flexibility for managing incoming and outgoing email, including comprehensive statistics of your business email usage.

MailGuard also provides protection against the unauthorised distribution of confidential or commercially sensitive information through email.

MailGuard protects many of Australia's leading businesses including the Australian Football League (AFL), Multiplex, Porsche Cars, JB HI-FI and many others.

MailGuard Key Benefits

  • MAILGUARD filters every incoming and outgoing email for your organisation 24 x 7
  • STOP EMAIL VIRUSES before entering your network with the triple protection of Sophos, McAfee and Guardian (MailGuard's own heuristic engine that protects against UNKNOWN threats)
  • SPAMGUARD® triple protection stops time wasting, bandwidth consuming, expensive and often offensive unsolicited junk mail
  • MANAGE CONTENT in and out of your organisation. You determine the messages that you want to receive e.g. by individual user, entire network, size, file type (jpg, mp3, mpg etc) and more
  • INFORMATION: MailGuard provides comprehensive email usage statistics and detailed reports
  • STOP EMAIL ATTACKS AND REDUCE SERVER LOAD by stopping viruses, SPAM and large attachments at the Internet before they reach your network.
  • SECURITY policies stop confidential documents and viruses being emailed out of your office, and prevent hackers accessing your mail server by utilising MailGuard as a secure mail relay
  • MANAGED MailGuard provides the benefits of a fully managed, fault tolerant and fully redundant solution. Emails are delivered securely in seconds, and policies can be implemented within minutes through a managed, secure, web-based interface
  • RETURN ON INVESTMENT Every week MailGuard saves clients thousands of dollars by improving productivity through the reduction of SPAM and eliminating virus related down-time and improving the efficiency of their existing email infrastructure.

Make-Tracks Special

No hardware, software, installation or a change of Internet Provider is required, and the results are immediate!

Make-Tracks offers a discounted rate of $5.00 per mailbox* per month for both SPAM and virus filtering through MailGuard. And the once-only setup fee is just $90 (discounted from $200).

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More Information

If you have further questions regarding MailGuard SPAM and virus filtering, send us an email at or ring us on 02 9043 0613.

* The filtering applies to all addresses under your domain; filtering will not work for just some of your addresses (since it works at the DNS level, by setting the MX records). So, if you have 5 users/mailboxes setup for your domain, the cost is $25/mo. Multiple addresses pointing to one mailbox count as only one mailbox.

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