Make-Tracks Secure Hosting


For historical purposes - Make-Tracks has closed.

Make-Tracks is a dynamic web and application hosting company for small to medium sized business wanting the best from their online marketing efforts. We have a strong background in software and database development for a variety of marketing applications as well as reliable management skills for web applications and servers.

Our service specializes in delivering web applications in addition to standard web sites. The primary product is a web-based bulk email program which sends personalized e-mails to your clients, triggered by date or form submission from your site. New web-based marketing tools are also being offered or are currently in development; such as affiliate tracking and a survey/polling system.

Businesses which require strong marketing tools and want a secure and reliable web host will benefit from Make-Tracks. We bring our years of experience with software based marketing tools to the web.

Our customers are looking for ways to simplify and improve their online marketing efforts. Through the use of web-based rather than PC-based marketing tools, Make-Tracks can support businesses wanting to improve their online marketing in a cost effective manner. By offering world class tools, we will serve the advanced needs for all of our customers.

The Make-Tracks products and services are are the best of their type in Australia. Many of the existing products from competitors are difficult to use or don’t meet all the needs of businesses. Our two primary products are web-based marketing tools and hosting of advanced web applications.